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DC Contactor specialist experienced in material handling applications

Schaltbau Machine Electrics is a specialist manufacturer of DC Contactors and accessories. For more than 42 years we have been a worldwide supplier of electrical components for industrial fork lift trucks in material handling applications. UK subsidiary of Schaltbau GmbH, we support our many UK customers across a broad spectrum of industries including Material Handling, Industrial and Rail applications.



A wide range of charging connectors with optional adapters for fast charging with electrolyte circulation and automatic water top ups. Schaltbau versions inter-mateable with charging connectors of other brands.
SME are also a UK Distributor for Anderson Power connectors, Please see the full Anderson Catalogue in the Download section. Or alternatively contact the Sales Department with your enquiries


With more than 2000 different types equivalent to most leading brands, our AFS contactors manufactured by SME for nearly 15 years provide a high quality alternative.
Schaltbau Snap Action Switches

Schaltbau Snap Action Switches

Schaltbau Machine Electrics supply a range of Schaltbau Snap-action switches. The switches are supplied directly from SME who are part of the Schaltbau Group of Companies. This is your assurance that you recieve 'Original' parts which carry the Schaltbau Guarantee
Contacts and Contact Kits

Contacts and Contact Kits

Proven over many years by our supply of replacement parts for all brands of contactors, our contacts and kits are manufactured in-house at our modern 8000 square metre production facility in South Wales.

See full product range , for a complete picture of all components SME can provide you with quickly and effectively.

Schaltbau-ME offer a complete technical support function

Our experienced technical support engineers will help you with your support issues. SME pride ourselves on being able to offer an excellent support function. Our technical support engineers are highly trained professionals and are based at our Cwmbran manufacturing facility.


We are in the process of changing the colour of the top caps on contactors from Black to Blue this process will be completed by September 2014, during this phased change over you could well receive a contactor which has a Black or Blue top cover. There is no technical difference in these products.


Schaltbau Charging connectors
We can offer the full range of Schaltbau charging connectors for all applications including fast charging options with multifunctional adaptors for both air and water connections.

Schaltbau GmbH Group

Schaltbau GmbH

Schaltbau GmbH is an internationally active supplier of electromechanical products for traffic engineering and industrial applications that call for high availability.


Schaltbau develops high-quality connectors for industrial applications as well as for traffic and communications engineering.


Anderson Connector

Snap-action switches

Snap-action switches from Schaltbau comply with stringent standards for safety-related circuits.


Our know-how in handling high DC currents is also shared by users of industrial and railway applications.