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Electromechanical components from SME are used in all branches of industry in which electrical systems have to be connected, contacted and controlled reliably under the harshest of conditions. Our connectors, snap-action switches and contactors are geared precisely to the specific requirements of these industries.

With more than 43 years experience in the Materials Handling Industry, SME manufacture a range of DC contactors equivalent to most leading brands and a full range of contacts and repair kits. As well as a distributing many other electrical components, SME can supply bespoke cable harnesses. If you are looking for replacement electrical parts for lift trucks then SME is your Partner.


This section features the latest applications of our products in various market segments.

Quality and Environment

Schaltbau Machine Electrics Ltd is ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified

Schaltbau Machine Electrics Limited is pledged to consistently provide,
products which conform to the specified requirements of its Customers,
the Company and any applicable regulatory body.
The Company has prepared and documented a Quality Management
System (QMS) which aims to meet customer requirements by controlling
all of the processes employed and thus preventing errors.
Particular emphasis is given to Continuous Improvement by all
employees and a philosophy of Prevention rather than Correction.

* Top Quality Products
* Quality Management Systems
* Continuous Improvement
* Employee Development
* Reduction of Environmental impact.
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