Schaltbau Holding AG

Quality and Environment

Schaltbau Machine Electrics Ltd. has been certified to ISO 9001 for more than 10 years; and certified to ISO14001 for over 4 years. Our modern integrated management system ensuring excellent compliance to the requirements of both standards, externally audited by SGS and internally audited and reviewed regularly by senior management.

Schaltbau Machine Electrics Limited is committed to providing products which conform to the specified requirements of its Customers, the Company and any applicable statutory or regulatory body. With customer satisfaction being the focus at every point of our service from supplier approval to delivery performance.

We have competence in the design, development, manufacture, distribution, repair and servicing of high quality electrical parts and assemblies for use in electrically powered vehicles, Battery Management systems, Automotive, UPS, Industrial switching, rail, agriculture and other customer specific solutions. This gives us a broad experience base to call upon when looking at customised solutions. We offer a seamless service from enquiry to first article sample approval.

* The Company has a prepared and documented Integrated Management System (IMS) which aims to meet customer requirements by controlling all of the processes employed and thus preventing errors.

* Particular emphasis is given to Continuous Improvement by all, with root cause analysis used to identify further opportunities for improvement which is reflected in our internal KPI’s;
employees attitudes, and our philosophy of Prevention rather than Correction.

* Lean methodologies are applied where possible, with made to order piece parts and live testing feedback allowing the efficient handling of large or small batches, as well as customized solutions for bespoke applications.

* We firmly believe that certification to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 is essential in our commitment to Customer satisfaction, continued growth and improvement in our company.

* With certification for ISO14001 maintaining focus on reducing our impact on the environment by better managing the use of raw materials and resources, and continuously improving our waste management practices to improve sustainability.

* We have a full time quality, engineering and R+D team using 3D parametric modelling, project management, close links with production, simulated load switching and life cycle testing to ensure problems can be identified and rectified at the earliest possible stages during product development, reducing lead time to production.


Please see below copies of Schaltbau's Quality and Environment 2019 policies.







Schaltbau Machine Electrics manufactures in accordance with the EU's RoHS directive